You may choose to come dressed for baptism or change in our dressing rooms upon arrival. Here are some instructions as to what you should bring.


What you should bring:                                     Things to remember:
1.Bring a change of clothing.                           1.Remove jewelry and electronics.
2.One or two bath towels .                                2.It is preferred that adults not wear white shirts.
3.One handkerchief if desired.                      3.Everyone is asked to give a short verbal testimony.
4.Camera if pictures are desired.
5.Any hygiene or hair accessories necessary

The flowing scriptures will be helpful to you in preparing for water baptism. Please take time to read them.


Baptism Enjoyed:                Significance of:              Examples of:
Matthew 28:19                       Romans 6:3                       Matthew 3
Mark 16:16                                  1 Cor 12:13                            Acts 2:41
John 3:5                                     Gal 3:27                                Acts 8:12,38
Acts 2:38                                    Col 2:12                                 Acts 9:18
Acts 10:48                                  1 Peter 3:21                          Acts 16:15,33
Acts 22:16                                                                                     Acts 18:8